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Do your friends have facebook, but you cant have one becuase your parents do not let you?
Well I    have the solution , you can tell your parents to read this information  and if they are consider they will change their opinion.

Facebook is a webside that was creeted by Mark Zuckerberg, and fundated by :
Eduardo Saveri, Chris Hughes, Dustin Maskovitz and Mark Zucherberg.
At the bigining this webside was for students in the university of Harvard. In that time all of them  have  facebook because it was the only webside that was fun for them, but realy it  was so cool, big and very famouse. That is why they open it for all the ones that have a email account. Today there are more than 500 millions of persons using facebook around the world, in 70 different languages.

Facebook is a webside were you can chat, play, see photos, tag people, comment, have friends of differnts contries, talk with your family that live in different parts of the world, you can add friends, deleted people, update statuses, walls and profile, add and explore pages & applications, etc, but there’s more..
Facebook is a big popular redside with alot of power  to join and communicate with  people as fore example:
Look,  in Colombia people organized by facebook a march for the people that were kidnaped by the guerrilla.Most of the people in the cities  went to this important event to cooperate. Also the president of  U.S.A (Obama) used facebook in his campain to get more votes, talking and manteining contact with people, it help him to won the elctions for president .
Facebook is also a good media tool use by business in publicity, getting more clients, promotions and selling by this website.
Being in contact with clients its a opportunity for companies to know more about their users, what they need and what they want to get  from them.
Also by facebook the companies can show and tag their products, special promotions and news from the company.
Business is done with facebook because you can buy their products 24 hours a day, so every one can buy at any time.
Facebook interacts with messenger, twitter and youtube.
Messenger: by using chat, you can chat with friends and companies.
Twitter: by searching people and you can see what they post on their walls, but only is you are their friends.
Youtube: you can put videos on facebook of youtube or you can put videos of youtube.

Facebook  have a lot of  benefits and power, but it can be dangerouse  when people with  bad intentions  can cause great damage to innocent people.
Bad people change  the identity, making people suffer or stealing them or even kidnapping  or killing. 
Another problem with facebook can be the privacy of persons, because  the photos, chats and posts, people can be seen and can know your personal life. Person los privacy by facebook and today usig facebook the police, lawyers or even husbans can use this media to obtain ligal proofs.

The benefits of facebook are allot like for example the communication: use by persons, companies, institucions and schools and  government.
Business: people can sell and buy things by  facebook.
Interactions: it interacts with messenger, twitter and youtube.

People use the thecnology allot and there are many programs that people use, it   includes facebook like a big website that you can communicate with people, sell things and even you can know about them.
The technology have been a good advance for people but more for students, because they can take more information and with more details, also they can find photos and they can print them. In the past they  needed to ask people, investigate in books, in library`s...etc, also in the past they did not find so much information as now.

Now, as we already know facebook is a website with allot of benefites, but it also have some defects if it is use in a wrong  way.
FacebooK is a good social media for communication, buissnes, and interaction.
People, groups or companies with bad intention can hurt others, afecting the privacy or causing damage.
Facebook means development for the society, I think that  in the future it will  be more  power and  with more  influence.

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